RNALogo - a new approach to display structural RNA alignment


Citing RNALogo
T.H. Chang, J.T. Horng, and H.D. Huang. (2008) "RNALogo: a new approach to display structural RNA alignment", Nucleic Acids Research, v.36 W91-6. [PubMed]

► Introduction:

RNALogo presents a novel graphical representation of the patterns in an aligned RNA sequences with a consensus structure. Several significant features, including sequence conservation, structural conservation, and the mutual information of base-paired regions, can be revealed within a RNA sequence alignment and its consensus RNA secondary structure. A web-based tool is also developed to provide a rapid, effective and highly configurable logo generator. A Gallery of RNALogo for Rfam RNA families is also built. Users can browse RNALogo graphs in this gallery to obtain further perspectives of known RNA families.

►Examples in the Gallery of RNALogo :
  • IRE (39 sequences)

  • Purine riboswitch (22 sequences)

  • mir-219 micorRNA precursor (31 sequences)

  • tRNA (1088 sequences)

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