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► The sequences in RF00037 family:

#=GF AC   RF00037
#=GF DE   Iron response element
#=GF AU   Griffiths-Jones SR
#=GF SE   Griffiths-Jones SR
#=GF SS   Published; PMID:8710843
#=GF GA   17.50
#=GF TC   17.54
#=GF NC   17.48
#=GF TP   Cis-reg;
#=GF BM   cmbuild CM SEED
#=GF BM   cmsearch -W 40 CM SEQDB
#=GF RN   [1]
#=GF RM   8710843
#=GF RT   Molecular control of vertebrate iron metabolism: mRNA-based
#=GF RT   regulatory circuits operated by iron, nitric oxide, and oxidative
#=GF RT   stress.
#=GF RA   Hentze MW, Kuhn LC;
#=GF RL   Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1996;93:8175-8182.
#=GF CC   The iron response element is a short conserved stem-loop which is
#=GF CC   bound by iron response proteins (IRPs).  The IRE is found in UTRs
#=GF CC   of various mRNAs whose products are involved in iron metabolism.
#=GF CC   For example, the mRNA of ferritin (an iron storage protein)
#=GF CC   contains one IRE in its 5' UTR.  When iron concentration is low,
#=GF CC   IRPs bind the ferritin mRNA IRE leading to translation
#=GF CC   repression.  Binding of multiple IREs in the 3' and 5' UTRs of
#=GF CC   the transferrin receptor (involved in iron acquisition) leads to
#=GF CC   increased mRNA stability.  These two activities form the basis of
#=GF CC   iron homeostasis in the vertebrate cell.
#=GF SQ   39

AY120878.1/50-76                     GGUCGC..GUCAACAGUGUUUGAU.CGAAC
AF266195.1/14-43                     AUUCUUGCUUCAACAGUGUUUGAACGGAAU
D86625.1/6-35                        GUUCUUGUUUCAACAGUGAUUGAACGGAAC
AF338763.1/11-40                     UUACCUGCUUCAACAGUGCUUGAACGGCAA
S77386.1/28-57                       GUUCUUGCUUCAACAGUGAUUGAACGGAAC
J02723.1/161-190                     GUUCUUGCUUCAACAGUAUUUGAACGGAAC
M12120.1/24-53                       GUUCUUGCUUCAACAGUGUUUGAACGGAAC
X13753.1/1434-1460                   UAUAUC..GGAGGCAGUGACCUCC.AUAUG
X13753.1/1481-1507                   AUUAUC..GGGGACAGUGUUUCCC.AUAAU
X13753.1/830-856                     UUUAUC..AGUGACAGCGUUCACU.AUAAA
M16343.1/1306-1335                   GUUCCUGCGUCAACAGUGCUUGGACGGAAC
X13753.1/1371-1397                   AUUAUC..GGGGGCAGUGUCUUCC.AUAAU
AB073371.1/5-34                      UCUCCUGCUUCAACAGUGCUUGGACGGAGC
AF171078.1/1416-1442                 UGGUUC..GUCCUCAGUGCAGGGC.AACAG
L39879.1/1190-1219                   GUACUUGCUUCAACAGUGUUUGAACGGAAC
AJ426432.1/1593-1619                 AUUAUC..GGGAGCAGUGUCUUCC.AUAAU
BC019840.1/11-40                     UGUCUUGCUUCAACAGUGUUUGAACGGAAC
AJ426432.1/1658-1684                 UAUAUC..GGAGACAGUGAUCUCC.AUAUG
M58040.1/3309-3335                   UAUAUC..GGAGACAGUGACCUCC.AUAUG
J02741.1/400-429                     UAUCUUGCUUCAACAGUGUUUGGACGGAAC
AC073115.5/47515-47486               UCUCUUGCUUCAACAGUGUUUGGAUGGAAC
AL355837.6/87643-87614               GUUCCUGCUUCAACAGUGUUUGGAUGGAAC
BC001188.1/3791-3817                 AUUAUC..GGGAACAGUGUUUCCC.AUAAU
AL034379.8/68035-68064               UUUCCUGGUUCAACAGUGCUUGGACGGAAC
AL513423.3/108544-108573             UUUCCUGCUUCAACAGUGCUUGGAUGGAAC
J04755.1/950-979                     UUUCCUGCUUCAGCAGUGCUUGGACGGAAC
AF117958.1/132-161                   UCUCUUGUUUCAACAGUGUUUGGACGGAAC
AB062402.1/11-40                     UUUCCUGCUUCAACAGUGCUUGGACGGAAC
AC109352.3/19020-19048               UUUCCUGUUUCAACAGUGCUUGGA.GGAAC
AP003174.2/91762-91734               UUUCUUC.UUCAACAGUGUUUGGAUGGAAC
S57280.1/391-417                     UCGUUC..GUCCUCAGUGCAGGGC.AAUAG
X03744.1/2-29                        UCUUGC..UUCAACAGUGUUUGGACGGAAG
X01060.1/3950-3976                   UGUAUC..GGAGACAGUGAUCUCC.AUAUG
X01060.1/3482-3508                   AUUAUC..GGAAGCAGUGCCUUCC.AUAAU
X01060.1/3432-3458                   UUUAUC..AGUGACAGAGUUCACU.AUAAA
BC016354.1/30-59                     UCUCUUGCUUCAACAGUGUUUGGACGGAAC
AF285177.1/3-32                      GUUCCUGCUUCAACAGUGCUUGGACGGAAC
AF086786.1/2-28                      UCGUUC..GUCCUCAGUGCAGGGC.AACAG
AY112742.1/12-41                     AGUCCUGCUUCAACAGUGCUUGAACGGAAC
#=GC SS_cons                         <<<<<...<<<<<......>>>>>.>>>>>

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